Official Opening of the FHM

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Capturing the warmth and tremendous support from the City of Cambridge and many other visionary community leaders including Waterloo Regional Council during the ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the official opening of the Fashion History Museum in the village of Hespeler, Cambridge, Ontario


“Stepping Out”

A 8 minute (gorilla) video of the proceedings here

Shot during the ribbon cutting ceremony and official opening of the Fashion History Museum on Thursday, March 10th, 2016. Features the (unedited) opening remarks by Kenn Norman, CEO and an inspiring message delivered by City of Cambridge Mayor, Doug Craig. A demonstration of authentic community building in action. Nicely done!

Kathryn McGarry


The Jackets Live at Maxwell’s

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good sound and a fun bunch at Maxwell’s Music House

Paul, was that you wiping the tables?

Nice place!

Ode to Recreants and Dastards

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Inspiration from waaaay up Fish Street:

King Henry VI Part II, Scene VIII

Madeira 2009
Wine Festival Tour…Skita

Random Gorilla Recordings:


Jo Jo Worthington

*You Belong To Me* go to the live recording here 

*Amadeus********* go to the live recording here 






Feb 3rd Class Notes

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“Midnight Special” – class song for listening

(artist?  Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee)

here is what i heard:

  • harmonica, bass rhythm guitar, snare with brushes, lead & accompanying vocals
  • blues riff but kinda country sounding (very clear, warm vocals)
  • live off the floor with three or four microphones (perhaps a harmonica mic/ vocals & guitar)
  • mono recording


  • 20 questions bout mic tech (mono) -look all the way back to 1877 to 1930
  • more recordings, critical listening assignment & blindfolded listening 25 min

Critical Listening Questions Kinda Sorta Practice#1

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dissect an audio example, write down and identify audio characteristics  OK i am gonna start with a Youtube video of a live performance so i don’t have to face any technical questions

Music chosen: 

Estas Tonne …Cuban Dance & Rhapsody in 1 (2011)

Is the example bright, muddy, thin, warm, or maybe low or high in volume?  bright!

What is unique about the recording? Meaning does one thing pop out to you.  It travels

Can you guess the sample rate and bit depth? Or if analog, what kind of tape and ips? If vinyl what rpm? Maybe MP3? If MP3 then what did the example start at before it became an MP3?  omg will i be able to answer this question after the course?

Was it a live off the floor recording, or tracked? Both?  O.K. its live…(fixed)

What’s the temperature where the recording took place?  Probably hot under stage lights, no?

What is the vibe or mood of the example?  flowing alternately yet intuitively from joyful & carefree to arousing & aggressive

Do the sounds define a place for you to experience?  a place of aliveness and passion

How could you use the example in your own work?  it would be quite the workout