Mark the date! Upcoming Harmonica Retreat on the Grand in June

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Shared Harvest Community Farm does it again!

Click on link for more details:  Harmonica Retreat week-end in June


For the first time ever together with over 50 years 
combined experience overblowing 
and live on stage and in workshops 
Adam Gussow & Carlos del Junco 
The 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis Lee Oskar 
Best Harmonica Player Award Winner
Jerome Godboo
beginners, intermediate, advanced
June 27th to June 29th
 at Shared Harvest Community Farm
 834 North Shore Drive Dunnville, ON

Feb 3rd Class Notes

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“Midnight Special” – class song for listening

(artist?  Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee)


here is what i heard:

  • harmonica, bass rhythm guitar, snare with brushes, lead & accompanying vocals
  • blues riff but kinda country sounding (very clear, warm vocals)
  • live off the floor with three or four microphones (perhaps a harmonica mic/ vocals & guitar)
  • mono recording


  • 20 questions bout mic tech (mono) -look all the way back to 1877 to 1930
  • more recordings, critical listening assignment & blindfolded listening 25 min