Critical Listening Questions Kinda Sorta Practice#1

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dissect an audio example, write down and identify audio characteristics  OK i am gonna start with a Youtube video of a live performance so i don’t have to face any technical questions

Music chosen: 

Estas Tonne …Cuban Dance & Rhapsody in 1 (2011)

Is the example bright, muddy, thin, warm, or maybe low or high in volume?  bright!

What is unique about the recording? Meaning does one thing pop out to you.  It travels

Can you guess the sample rate and bit depth? Or if analog, what kind of tape and ips? If vinyl what rpm? Maybe MP3? If MP3 then what did the example start at before it became an MP3?  omg will i be able to answer this question after the course?

Was it a live off the floor recording, or tracked? Both?  O.K. its live…(fixed)

What’s the temperature where the recording took place?  Probably hot under stage lights, no?

What is the vibe or mood of the example?  flowing alternately yet intuitively from joyful & carefree to arousing & aggressive

Do the sounds define a place for you to experience?  a place of aliveness and passion

How could you use the example in your own work?  it would be quite the workout

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