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CSC Design Competition 2014 Montage

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Team Touch takes first place

The CSC Student Design Competition 2014 is one of the outreach initiatives spawned by the Grand Valley Chapter of Construction Specifications Canada. With the assistance of neighbouring chapters, Toronto & Hamilton-Niagara and with the generous support at the CSC National level, this competition was made possible.
This video begins with a slide show expressing the initial invitation extended to local design students to dream, to dazzle and to breath new life into this dormant yet majestic and historic building and captures the excitement Thursday evening at Connections Cafe during the 2014 CSC National Conference May 21st to 25th. Broadcasting live from the Crowne Plaza in Kitchener, the top five student proposals were acknowledged and the winners announced among a cheering crowd of leaders in the construction industry including architects & contractors, specification writers & manufacturers, Participating schools included The University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Ryerson University, Conestoga College & Sheridan College.

SJU CAMPUS & The Art of Building Backwards

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We're digging the future of  St. Jerome's University
Breaking Ground in Waterloo Region


A Look Inside The Big Room is a link to a Prezi storyboard that captures my experience in the “big room” in February 2014 as an observer and complete newbie to Lean Methodology & IPD as a Project Delivery Method. Thanks to Arthur Winslow for opening the door (again) and for the encouragement to keep asking lots of questions.  

“transformative innovation requires the deliberate support of enabling organizational culture, perspectives and processes” Roger Martin


Globe and Mail Report

Diamond Schmitt Architects 

Daily Commercial News

Graham Construction


Construction Canada Magazine


a teamwork approach


Town of Oakville

Province of Saskachewan

Daily Commercial News

CSC Student Design Competiton Awards May 22nd, 2014

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The Old Galt Post Office

Coming to you live from the Crowne Plaza in Kitchener

Thursday, May 22nd at 7pm

Watch the Award Ceremony here

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The upcoming CSC National Conference May 21st to the 25th is fast approaching and as fellow Community Builders, you may be interested in tuning into the  Connections Cafe on Thursday, May 22nd at 7pm when winners of the Construction Specifications Canada Student Design Competition will be publicly announced.

Architectural & Interior Design students have been challenged to design a restaurant using the old Galt Post Office as the subject building.

There are 12 entries in total from design teams from the University of Waterloo, Ryerson, Sheridan and Conestoga College. The top five entries will be displayed and the three winning proposals will be publicly acknowledged at the Crowne Plaza on Thursday evening at 7pm during the Connections Cafe.  Cathie Schneider, Chair of the CSC-Grand Valley Chapter will make the announcements.

2014 Competition details and history  about the CSC Student Design Competition

More at

Conference Sponsors at

Hope you can join us!



What do i know about setting up a studio?

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What do i know about setting up a recording studio?

Not much.  and i believe that even more now after reading “Setting Up a Studio” by Gary Myerberg:

Very impressive Operations Manual and i have a new respect for audio engineering hopefuls interning at a commercial studio.  And you say they VOLUNTEER for this?

So, how would i set up my studio?  Good Question

Something do-able, too, in the gorilla genre of less is more:

WYSIWYG:   House PA/monitor/tube amps/Behringer Xenyx 1204USB (c/w mic pre-amp &  compressors) British style EQ mixer/ Tuscan Portastudio 424 analog mixer.   Dimmable lighting for control of lighting design in the ‘party room’  to be made suitable as a set for an intimate live performance – complete with a selection of microphones, a laptop or iPad with DAW installed.  Green Screen, tripods and light boxes for capturing the action on film as well as a projector & large size screen for projecting images or maybe lyrics (choke, choke)

a (soundproof?) room equipped with microphones/PC ready with DAW for recording interviews when absolute quiet is called for


Don’t Vex the Vibe!


do whatever it takes to get the best performance out of your talent



providing a well equipped commercial kitchen

complete with indoor BBQ grill & cold beer,

Sangria and maybe tequila with fresh fruit and lime mix for blending

frozen strawberry margaritas

and a fun loving chef/bartender on hand so no one loses their mojo


 inspiring outdoor space for curating larger events

gardens for quiet reflection

where one can quickly ‘press record’ on the

  Zoom H-6 

 chillin’ outside just got better after learning that if the need arises for a soundproof room for interviews, you can always just walk over to the driveway and

**use the car**


That's pretty much where i'm at and there's lots of room for improvement 
starting with better quality microphones.  Stayed tuned for the developing story 
**Thanks to 'Fridays at the Felt Lab' in St. Jacob's for that awesome field recording tip!




Carbon Microphone Recording Challenge February 22nd – updated

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Who’s coming to Cafe Pyrus February 22nd?


Beg/borrow a carbon microphone (please…DAVE?) and take a crack at live vintage gorilla recording

get the party started with a taste of the finest craft brew at the Block 3 Brewing Co. in St. Jacob’s Saturday Afternoon 4ish

après le marché

come and check it out! 

 more details below

It pays to buy the CD!

It dawned on me last night that Jessica had bought a CD at the Commons Cafe Wednesday afternoon and there was a little slip of paper inside the carefully folded CD cover with contact information….so i wrote a message to Brendan Stephens that went like this:
Hi folks,
we caught your act at the commons cafe last Wednesday afternoon and thought it was great fun.
A bunch of us are planning to come out to cafe pyrus saturday evening at 7:30 for more
...with an afternoon primer of craft beer tasting at the Block 3 
Brewery in St Jacob's (which we understand you already know about).  
i pitched your sound to my audio recording class (conestoga college) 
so there may be some students coming hoping to capture a bit of your act 
as a sample recording.  We are currently studying microphone 
(mono & stereo) recording techniques.  Our instructor, Dave Gray has
a collection of rare microphones that would give you guys a real 
authentic vintage sound in your recordings.  Not sure if he is going to 
make it, but if you are interested, i can try to set up a recording 
session with Dave Gray & the audio recording class on a Monday 
evening. The class is located very close to cafe pyrus at the Kitchener Studio Project 
which has taken over one half of the old post office building at 44 Gaukel Street.  
You will see me with a Zoom H6 recorder in hand and i will introduce myself 
and double check that its ok to press "record".  Just remember i am not a professional,
but i do my best and would be happy to post a live recording on soundcloud and 
send you the link to download.  My friend, Jessica is coming who is a professional 
photographer from France (and world traveller) now living in Kitchener. 
She will have her camera in hand, of course.  She bought one of your 
CD's last Wednesday at the commons cafe and may have lyrics memorized by 
saturday lol - we will see.

looking forward to Saturday evening's performance at cafe pyrus
here's a link to my class pitch fyi: carbon-microphone-recording-challenge-february-22nd/
 -- cheers

and the return:


That’s great news! Would love to set up a recording session and please do bring your recorder would love to have some live recording on soundcloud. Looking forward to seeing you guys! Thanks for getting in contact with me. We will chat more on Saturday!



Brendan J StephensSongwriter/Musician
   “Brendan J Stephens and Willow Walker (The Vaudevillian) are 1920’s blues singers in the flesh. Hitchhiking between raucous house shows, rowdy bars and busking everywhere in between, they have crafted a way of singing both their own material and songs near one hundred years old in a way entirely their own”.


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