CSC Student Design Competiton Awards May 22nd at 7pm- UPDATED with link

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The Old Galt Post Office

Coming to you live from the Crowne Plaza in Kitchener

Thursday, May 22nd at 7pm

Watch the Award Ceremony here:

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The upcoming CSC National Conference May 21st to the 25th is fast approaching and as fellow Community Builders, you may be interested in tuning into the  Connections Cafe on Thursday, May 22nd at 7pm when winners of the Construction Specifications Canada Student Design Competition will be publicly announced.

Architectural & Interior Design students have been challenged to design a restaurant using the old Galt Post Office as the subject building.

There are 12 entries in total from design teams from the University of Waterloo, Ryerson, Sheridan and Conestoga College. The top five entries will be displayed and the three winning proposals will be publicly acknowledged at the Crowne Plaza on Thursday evening at 7pm during the Connections Cafe.  Cathie Schneider, Chair of the CSC-Grand Valley Chapter will make the announcements.
Competition details available at

constructioncanada recent-news-student-design-competition-for-csc-conference

Conference Sponsors found here:

 Hope you can join us!

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