What do i know about setting up a studio?

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What do i know about setting up a recording studio?

Not much.  and i believe that even more now after reading “Setting Up a Studio” by Gary Myerberg:


Very impressive Operations Manual and i have a new respect for audio engineering hopefuls interning at a commercial studio.  And you say they VOLUNTEER for this?

So, how would i set up my studio?  Good Question

Something do-able, too, in the gorilla genre of less is more:

WYSIWYG:   House PA/monitor/tube amps/Behringer Xenyx 1204USB (c/w mic pre-amp &  compressors) British style EQ mixer/ Tuscan Portastudio 424 analog mixer.   Dimmable lighting for control of lighting design in the ‘party room’  to be made suitable as a set for an intimate live performance – complete with a selection of microphones, a laptop or iPad with DAW installed.  Green Screen, tripods and light boxes for capturing the action on film as well as a projector & large size screen for projecting images or maybe lyrics (choke, choke)

a (soundproof?) room equipped with microphones/PC ready with DAW for recording interviews when absolute quiet is called for


Don’t Vex the Vibe!


do whatever it takes to get the best performance out of your talent



providing a well equipped commercial kitchen

complete with indoor BBQ grill & cold beer,

Sangria and maybe tequila with fresh fruit and lime mix for blending

frozen strawberry margaritas

and a fun loving chef/bartender on hand so no one loses their mojo


 inspiring outdoor space for curating larger events

gardens for quiet reflection

where one can quickly ‘press record’ on the

  Zoom H-6 

 chillin’ outside just got better after learning that if the need arises for a soundproof room for interviews, you can always just walk over to the driveway and

**use the car**


That's pretty much where i'm at and there's lots of room for improvement 
starting with better quality microphones.  Stayed tuned for the developing story 
**Thanks to 'Fridays at the Felt Lab' in St. Jacob's for that awesome field recording tip!




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