Class #10 notes

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The Brute Chorus – UK Band

Chateau – Original Mix

  • circular (almost jazz-like) structure
  • takes you on a ride – draws the listener in and out
  • mastered relatively quiet (5 on a scale of 1-10)
  • Vocals are atonal (out of key on purpose)
  • bass guitar keeps time
  • keyboard maybe – there was a high pitched ping song
  • kick drum, cimbels felt more on the right
  • wood block or something similar percussion
  • synthesized drum mix
  • electric lead guitar solo
  • feels like a studio recording (multi-tracked/close miking)
  • blues riff
  • Jack White influence?

U2 – Achtung Baby

click here to go to YouTube full album

  • re-amped vocals (gritty vs sonic)
  • re-amped guitar
  • 1991 recording (so not a plug-in)
  • “mids” give away reamping; lots of air
  • sound “tinny”

Sigur Ros – Brennistein & Varuo

sonic sound

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