When critical listening gets the boots

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IMG_4931 (640x478)
 Walked to the mall not quite blindflolded
 listening to music on headphones and thinking about
 a good spot
 to close my eyes and sink into the song
 Made a stop at the ladies’ room and had a seat
 Glancing over the the left i noticed a pair of boots
 through the bottom opening of the partition and realized
 i was not alone
 Had a feeling they had been there for sometime
 How long?  What had they heard while they were there? 
 Creeped me out but i waited a while anyways – for the flush
 Not a drizzle, not a breath, not even the sound of a boot shuffle
 Creeped me out some more
 Took my time and washed my hands a couple of times to pass the time
 and checked out the power hand dryers
More silence
Left the room and stuck around for a while with an eye on the corridor access to see signs of life, but there were none

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