Class #8 notes

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Monday March 17th

Happy St Patty’s Day!



(played at the Oscars)

Artist:  Pharell Williams

  • vocals are driving the song, not the music
  • ABABC song structure…Stevie Wonder inspired but today’s pop sound
  • melodine instead of autotune.  More electronic
  • tonal kick drum
Tips when recording Drums…
  • tuning is essential -loosen or tighten to achieve desired tone, to remove a “note”
  • use tape, sand bags, sound deadening cloth etc etc to isolate sounds and remove bleed
  • at the end of a drum recording session be silent for 30 seconds or so to capture the final note
  • get a bit of room sound
  • capture each individual drum/cimbel for one”strike” in case you have to replace a problematic sound
  • capture kick and cimbel struck together (for one “strike”)




Read in WordPress “Setting up a studio” & then write out your own version “1 page”

How would you run your studio?  Don’t screw up the vibe!!

7 recordings of mono drums – same instrument, different placement




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