Blindly folded into the pillow – week 6

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Had a rather unexpected event occur this week to add to the mixed bag of chronic pain challenges (and trophies) accumulated over the years. Usually a new one springs up every decade.

A chiropractor once warned me that working in heels, carrying children on one hip, favoring one shoulder to carry handbags and other nasty female habits would lead to painful surprises down the road. Thanks tips

You forgot to mention poor posture at the computer workstation

pain showed up out of nowhere to bite me in the arm 
tossing task items and "to do" lists 
into the abyss of the demoted

gotta get to the root of the pain
and study its path 
can i hear it now that i am learning to listen?
longer and deeper 
over and over and over for three days 
and three nights

it wasn't that hard to listen, 
especially to the screaming
to hear the sizzle of current flow along a broken pathway 
restricting circulation, crippling connectivity 

a new dialect of the language of body mechanics 
not movement?  interesting
Thoughts rise up
mingled with emotion
and i listen 
to the sound of throbbing 
under the load of blood flowing faster, faster
till the sound is so much louder
than pain

Was gonna write about listening to the sounds of silence in the house after the furnace gas regulator valve crapped out on family day,

but figured that was rather low key by comparison. 


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