cut/cut and more cuts…random recordings #5

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my first “interview” proved to be a valuable learning experience

you can't make me sing
you can’t make me sing
an amusing illustration of Dave’s frequent comments in class about
the  importance of warming up and drawing out your talent

Roger that, for sure

i was so convinced that this interview was going to be a breeze…but soon discovered that even a witty four-year-old will clam up behind a microphone
salvaged a bit of the interview with cuts and effects in Audacity but quickly moved on to stealth recording using the Zoom H6 (XY mic at 90 degrees about 4ft away) in the background while engaging the interviewee in a variety of board games
ended up with a looooong recording and listened for snippets of usable dialogue that could be cut and indexed for future:
1.  Interview with a secret friend:
2.  The Audition:
3.  so… that’s how the game works:
4.  a sic game for sic people:
5.  my cheatin’ valentine:

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