Listening (not quite) Blindfolded #1

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My task was to size up a 2000 square foot warehouse converted into meeting space for sound quality in order to choose the best microphones and placement to record live action for a future video

A field recorder (Zoom H6) was placed in a central location to the action using three microphones in various locations to listen to the ambient noise in the space and become aware of what unwanted noise might be amplified by a microphone.  Headphones were connected to the recorder and i closed my eyes to allow for deeper listening as the action in the room began.  The main action was being projected from a speaker in front but  I was blown away by the variety of distracting noises that were being generated all around the room and easily amplified with the microphones.  There was the sound of moving chairs, rustling clothing, people getting up to grab coffee, whispering of semi-private conversations, coughing, cell phone noises, questions from “the floor” etc., and i was able to guesstimate what type of microphones would be best to record the action.  What was most impressive about tuning into the noise was the AWFUL sound of an overhead tube heater buzzing continuously the entire time.  This was the single greatest distraction of all and would have to be turned off to get decent audio for the future video recording session FOR SURE.

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