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January 12, 2014 by Introduction to Audio asks…

1. What is your relationship with music?  It’s a gateway, a vehicle of expression and source of energy

2. When do you like to listen to music?  Whenever/wherever i have space to move and feel safe enough to sing

3. What kind of sounds/music do you like to record? once recorded music for an audition (musical theatre)

4. What musical instruments do you play or would you like to play? (Are you a musician or inspiring)? percussion (castanets/tambourine/hard shoe)  would like to play harmonica

5. What period of your life did music affect you the most? And why? music has always been adding colour to the play-by-play:   growing up with ethnic music, singing karaoke in the basement to big sis’ K-tel & Columbia House Record Club Collections, coming of age in the post disco nightclub turned indie punk speakeasy movement, raising kids with sharon, lois & bram (aaahh!!), finding healing from chronic injuries through music, movement & meditation

6. Do you listen to music when you are having overwhelming feelings?  yes

(AKA: anger, fear, happiness, depression, etc.)

7. Do you do any physical actives when you listen to music? without fail

8. Do you find the process of recording music non-threatening or threatening? Meaning do you have any fear around recording.  sort of…more challenging than threatening methinks

9. Do you use music to relax?  yes

10. Do you use different kinds of music to help aid your recording process? i hope to

11. What do you do to help express yourself in a recording? Do you have a sound?  dance? contra beat/harmony?

12. Is music important to you? How many times a day do you listen to music?  very important…listen to music several times a day

13. How often was music played in your home growing up? Was there any recording performed by your family?  music was played at social events and pretty much every week a new Columbia House Record arrived.  Learned keyboards when the folks brought home an electric boat anchor from the piano shop.

14. What is your favourite style of recording? acoustic guitar

15. Was one of your family members involved in recording music growing up? If so, did you participate with them? no & no

16. If you were active in music growing up, how does that make you feel towards music today? took a liking to piano in school but the folks got sold into buying an “Orcana” organ which i disliked.  Still dislike the sound of it or any recording that reminds me of its distinctive sounds

17. What kind of music did your family listen/play/record when you were growing up? And what kind was it? Ethnic music at social events, hymns & carols

18. Is there a type of music that comforts you? Have you ever looked into how it was recorded? acoustic guitar, harmonica & drumming

19. Is there a style of recording that gives you an unsettling feeling? Or maybe a type of music? not a fan of Rap or Death Metal

20. Do you have a set way of getting your music? Please Explain.Example – a. record store  b. download  c. friends  d. radio  Vinyl at retro music stores, downloads, online purchases direct from the artist, friends

21. Is there a style of recording out there that seems beneficial to your moods?  i have many (moods) 🙂  but i do tend to avoid music that travels to dark places of the soul

22. Is there a style of recording that you love and crave to hear or experience? If so, what and why?  Love drumming that leads to interpretive movement

23. What piece of music would best represent your life?  tough question…will have to think on that

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