Lovin’ this Zoom H6…Class #4 Random Recordings

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Tyler jamming in class #4 randomly captured with minor cuts/effects in post:

Comparing various field recorders. This was recorded using the Zoom H6 with the XY mic at 120 degrees:  https://soundcloud.com/sue-cunha/recording-challenge-with-tyler

Recorded using the Zoom H6 with the XY mic at 90 degrees.  Cut a short intro and used the “pluck” feature on Audacity on this clip:  https://soundcloud.com/sue-cunha/starting-raining-outside-tyler

Field Recordings using the Zoom H6 and the XY mic using the 90 degree option (width of the recording field) recommended (by owner’s manual) for recording close and medium sound sources to capture a three-dimensional sound with natural depth and width.  Sounded good to me, except this set up records in stereo (oops):

Sounds recorded while on a winter walk-about in the neighbourhood.   Monitoring the input signal levels was a bit tricky while attempting to record the snow sounds 🙂

a mental traffic breakdown:  https://soundcloud.com/sue-cunha/a-mental-traffic-breakdown

approaching a traffic light…hitting the panic button:  https://soundcloud.com/sue-cunha/approaching-a-traffic-light

sound of snow crunching while dressed in snowmobile gear:  https://soundcloud.com/sue-cunha/snow-crunching-walk-to-run

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